VLC Player

How does one go about installing VLC Player on Apple TV and how does it work?

I need to play .ts files from my Humax HD Freesat Box, and VLC Player can play them on the Mac.

I have tried to copy the app accross, but it freezes Apple TV. In what form and in what directory should I be installing VLC player? Once it is installed, do I just go to the files to play them or do I have to load VLC player? Do I need a particular version of VLC Player?

Many Thanks

Yes, that would be great to have VLC Player on ATV. Can aTV Flash staff reply if it would be possible to have VLC with the next update? By the way, VLC 1.0.1 made my weak netbook to play HD movies.

Good idea.

VLC Media Player can now be installed through the Maintenance > Install Extras menu. Once installed, the application will be accessible in nitoTV > Applications.

Note: Use of this app does require a mouse/keyboard or the Mobile Air Mouse iPhone app.

WAW, Thanks a million DEVELOPER for that!!!

:frowning: It installs old version 0.9.x, and as soon as you run the VLC app it prompts to install update 1.0.1, and it does not install, just downloads.

The AppleTV still actually runs a version of Mac OSX Tiger. Unfortunately the older .9x version of VLC is the latest version that can be installed.

  I have looked in the maintenance list and I can't find the VLC option anywhere. I would really like to use VLC as it seems to be the only player that plays just about everything....so I don't have to bounce between all the players and find the one that works for a particular movie. :)


 Unfortunately VLC is only supported on the 2.4 and earlier AppleTV software. The VLC option will only appear if you are running this version or earlier.

Will you be re-introducing the application VLC to appleTV 3.0.2 (1st Gen) with ATVflash. I agree, it is the best player of virtually all media types (especially 720). Is there another way of installing it?