VLC Doesn't work

I’m trying to use the VLC app. Is there something I need to do besides select it in the Nito applications folder? When I select it I get the cone with the apple logo or just the apple logo, and nothing happens. I did see in some posts that it was supposed to update the software also, so I waited for an hour and the screen didn’t change. Any ideas how to use this app anyone?

Same problem here. I downloaded the latest version of VLC, sftp’ed to the ATV in the Applications folder.
I then go to NitoTV on the ATV, select Applications, select VLC and nothing happens.

Any application I try to run, like Firefox or Google Earth, I get the same problem. Nothing happens.

Looks like we’re doing something wrong here.

I am having the same problem. Just bought an apple Tv and thought aTV flash would be the way to go. I cannot get a .mkv in 720p or 1080p to play without stuttering or terrible lag. What gives is this just me. Install and updates seem to go smoothly? I know on my iMac VLC plays these files better than anything else, I am hoping it will be the same on appleTV

The big problem with 720p HD files will be the advanced coding features used by the author and the puny 1GHz CPU of the AppleTV.

If they used CABAC (as opposed to CALVC, which most of the authors do, since it gives them a smaller file for the same quality), the AppleTV will stutter and choke on it.

Now I say this not having tried to run it in VLC on my AppleTV, as I have the same problem as the others in this topic; it will not run.

But given my experience, I do not expect much success from VLC with these files; but I would be happy to be surprised if wrong!

The option I use for “must have” 720p HD files that have CABAC (whether MP4 or mkv) is to use VisualHub to recode them back to 720p HD without CABAC with the advanced setting of 1280x720 and the bitrate set to approx the same as the original flle). Time consuming, but it works for my “must have” files, including those I create with my Hauppage HD-PVR 1212 component analog 720p HD digitizer connected to my DirecTV receiver (which outputs with CABAC).