Visual Hints for Chapters

I just updated to 4.1… first off… WAY TO GO what an update.

How exactly does visual chapter hints work? When i got to the chapters menu i still only see time codes… am i missing something?

Thanks - glad you’re enjoying it so far.

Infuse offers 2 options for left/right edge taps. The default is 10s forward/back, though you can switch this to chapters by enabling the ‘Chapter Controls’ option in the Settings menu. With this enabled, Infuse will show chapter icons and time when hovering over the left/right edges. Clicking will navigate to that place.

clearly i am not doing something correct as it is not working for me… :frowning:

I have enabled chapters in the settings menu of INFUSE

on the timeline i am not getting any chapters… when i hover left or right… i get a time code and >>| or |<<

That’s the time code for the next chapter. :slight_smile:

If the video doesn’t contain any chapters, Infuse will break it up into equal segments.

ok, so i have managed to figure out how to make it skip by chapter forwards and backwards, but there is no thumbnail preview… shouldn’t there be?

No thumbnails…at least not yet.

then i think you need to re-phrase visual hints for chapters.

really all you have added is the ability to skip chapters without going to the top menu and selecting the chapter option and the blindly choosing a chapter…

now we just blindly choose it from the time line?

still a great update but your change log is a little unclear and misleading :wink: