Visual Glitch on Infuse Pro 4.3.2 - IOS 10

On my iPad 4th generation when I updated to IOS 10 this visual gluich started happening when navigating through my library where the top bar where the title is located would flash white for a moment every time I enter a folder. This would happen on every folder I entered and on regular and dark themes. And on both iPad oriantations.

This is something we plan to have resolved in our iOS 10 version, which is due out soon.

Is there a reason the IOS 10 support update is taking so long? I looked at the version history of infuse and saw that it took about a week September 16 -September 22 for Infuse to get IOS 9 support it’s been weeks since IOS 10 launched and still no update.

4.3.4 with a number of fixes was released today. :slight_smile:

Alright ISSUE RESOLVED now do you by any chance know when Infuse 4.4 is being released… :stuck_out_tongue: