Vine Server. Can I change the port number?

Ok, I have Vine Server installed and enabled on AppleTV 3.0 with atvFlash 4.0. I can connect to it, and remotely control it via the Vine Viewer app or Snow Leopard’s built in VNC or even the Jaadu app on my iPhone when I’m on my LAN/WiFi/House.

What I want to do is be able to connect to it from the internet (outside of my LAN). The problem is that I already use Jaadu on port 5900 to connect to my Mac Pro. Since the Vine Server on my AppleTV uses the same port, I assume that I have to change the port on the Vine Server on the AppleTV in order to be able to connect to it and still be able to connect to the Mac Pro via Jaadu. Can this be done? Any idea how?

I also assume that I could have the Mac Pro use a different port, but I have no idea how to do that either.

Any help would be appreciated! Many thanks!

hi there, i am just tryin’ to get mine working from the appletv… :frowning:
it is asking me for a password…
what password???

password is “frontrow”

If it asks for a username it is the same thing. No quotation marks used in case it is not obvious.

Note: I can only get this to work within my LAN (a.k.a. house). You can use Vine’s Viewer or Snow Leopard’s built in VNC viewer.

Did that do the trick?