Vimeo not working on 5.3 ATV2

Vimeo stopped working this summer on my jailbroken ATV2 running 5.3

I just reinstalled the latest Firecore jailbreak thinking it would fix the issue, to no avail.
I get an “Accessing Vimeo” message that stays on forever…

Anyone knows how to fix this?
Is it possible to reinstall the vimeo App through SSH?


Same issue here.

Same issue for me…


Same issue here too.

Has this been fixed / resolved? Still not working for me. I get a message saying that Vimeo is not available at this time, and to go to the Vimeo help web page (which does not help?).

If it has been fixed, it’s too late for me, after 12 months of Vimeo and YouTube being broken, I sold my atv2 and bought an Amazon Fire TV stick for 19 quid.
Kodi still gets updated, the Vimeo and YouTube apps work and there’s an AirPlay client (for an extra 4 quid)!

AppleTV 5.3
Firecore 2.5

Vimeo still doesn’t work.