Viewing Space

OK I posted about this earlier but got no responses. Maybe if i reword it.


XBMC has the ability to set the designated viewing area,

it allows you to select the TOP LEFT corner and the BOTTOM RIGHT corner of the viewing area you will actually be using.

This was ingenious and allows Letterbox and regular pre-hd TV to be seen in the proper format.


This may sound a little weird but my current projector uses 720P but is still projected into a sqare picture,

so your media player thru ATV shows all movies and TV in a stretched format and is uncomfortable viewing.

By using XBMC and the set viewing area, everything looks fantastic.



Can something similar to this be added to your media player?




Thank you

So to recap, your 4:3 movies are being stretched to full 16:9 which then result in the video becoming distorted?

Would you be able to send over a sample file so we can try and replicate the issue here?

Feel free to PM me for more info.

I would also like to see the ability to adjust the display area. This is required to adjust for overscan on many older lcd tvs. At the momment a significant portion of the my display is missing at the sides. The XBMC utility is straightforard and works a treat.

I have been having the same problem. If Apple TV 2 (just updated to firmware 5.2) is set to 720p, the TV set I have cuts off some parts of the picture. The aspect ratio is fine, any video file can be watched no problem, its just that for the movies that are 16:9 some 100+ pixels are beyond both left and right the edges of the screen and thus not visible. I have tried XBMC previously on the same TV and it allows to set the viewing area as described above solving the problem. I notice that with firmware 5.2 apple has introduced something called airplay overscan protection which supposedly solves the described problem when playing video content over airplay. Or maybe not. Would it be possible to set viewing area or detect and correct overscan for aTV flash media player as well?