Viewing separate shares on home screen


Is there any way to view separate shares on the Home Screen?

I’ve added my own Plex library, along with my brother-in-law’s, and I can view them as separate shares when going through Files, however, in any of the sections displayed on the Home Screen, all our movies are grouped together (e.g. Recently Added Films or All Films. Is there any way to separate them out, so I have a section that’s My Movies, and then another section for Brother-in-law’s movies?

When using the Plex app, you can pin individual library items separately, I was hoping we could do the same with Infuse but I can’t see any way to do it.


Settings → Shares → [Select an appropriate share] → Add Favourites(s) → [select directory]

The created favourite should appear on the Home Screen.

Thanks for responding. I’m not sure if I’m looking in the wrong place, but my settings don’t reflect that options that you’ve highlighted.

The only place I can add a favourite is through the Files view. And I’m getting some strange behaviour there when I add a favourite; for some reason, adding a favourite replaces the parent share folder in the Files view. For example, if I got to add my Films folder as a favourite, it replaces the parent folder My Cloud Home in the Files folder.

Even with my Film folder favourited, it’s still not showing up anywhere on my home screen:

Not sure if this is expected behaviour or a bug? I’m doing this on the MacOS version, but I get the same results on iOS as well.


Sorry, my instructions were for the TvOS version of Infuse.

Ah, ok, that explains it. If this is different on tvOS to iOS does that mean it can’t be done on Mac and iPhone/iPad?

It looks to be the case which is a pity and I’m not sure if there are any issues to be considered on iPad/iPhone/MacOS other than adding Favourites haven’t been implemented.

Naively it would seem it “just” requires a “Favourites” option to the Home Screen edit page, but I’m sure there is probably more work under the hood which is actually required.

Thanks for your help, it is a shame this option isn’t available on mobile/mac. And while it’s useful having favourites on the tvOS Home Screen, some more control over how you view the items in your library would be great e.g. recently added for a single share, instead of grouping them.

Thanks again.

Favorites won’t appear on the Home Screen on Mac, but they will be listed in the sidebar under the Files tab (it looks like ‘My Films Home’ is in fact listed there).

Thanks for responding James. When setting a favourite, should it replace the root folder of the share?

Before adding the favourite, I had My Cloud Home, which contained Films, TV and Playlists. Upon setting Films as a favourite (My Films Home in the screenshot), My Cloud Home disappears and is replaced with My Films Home, which means I can’t access the TV and Playlist folders as I could before. Is this right?


Yes, that is expected.

You can browse the share to add additional favorites through the Add Files menu.

Great, thanks for clarifying James.

All the best.