Viewing Media Information in nitoTV Files

I’m just installed aTV flash a few days ago and am beginning to experiment with NitoTV. I have my video library stored on an external hard drive, and NitoTV can see any play most of my videos fine. From reading the wikis, I found out how to copy DVD cover images to the Nitotv Image folder so that my media would show up with DVD covers when I’m browsing the files, but I can’t seem to find a way for nitoTV to access the media tags in my mp4 files.

I keep my media organized in iTunes, with full titles, descriptions, release year, actors, etc…, included with the videos and would like Nitotv to be able to display this information along with the DVD cover, kind of similar to how the original aTV ‘Movies’ browser works, showing all the information about your movie/TV show.

The files I’m working with are h.264 m4v files.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.