Viewing 3D movie questions

My set up is use infuse on a appleTV (4th gen - non 4K) connected to a BenQ projector. I have acquired a few 3D movies that appear to be side by side. The movies are mkv and mp4 format and when I view them they appear to be just side by side and nothing more. I’m trying to figure out if it’s just a setting I need to change on my projector or if the challenge is that the AppleTV just doesn’t handle 3D movies. Any guidance is really appreciated

You need to something on the projector to tell it that it is a 3D SBS signal and then it will do it’s 3D magic.

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The projector should be able to pick it up automatically if not there should be a button to manually engage 3D. The AppleTV doesn’t send any signals to engage 3D as it’s not supported on the hardware.

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Thanks @remotevisitor & @JarvisMeier for the advice. Sounds like I don’t need to worry about the AppleTV and just focus on the projector

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