View Trailer Option

I have a pretty big library of movies I haven’t seen ans as I approach 500-600 movies it would be nice to have a “view trailer” button. I don’t know how many times people have asked, “Can I see the trailer to this?”

I think there was an option once but it’s been removed? I know you can also add a video file in a folder and name it trailer but that would take a looong time not to mention disk space.

It would be nice to have a trailer button and fetch an online trailer if it’s available.

Thx :slight_smile:



would love this :slight_smile:


+1 trailers and IMDB ratings asap please

Can we please get this option?? Time and time again, we have to see trailer and have to switch out to the Trailers app on Apple TV. I’m all for seamless experience…


Since IMDB holds so many trailers, I wonder how hard this would really be.

I second this suggestion!  :slight_smile:


or atleast just send a search string “movie name trailer” to the youtube app that already exists on apple tv.

if that’s not possible then send it to couch potato.




This would be great.  Please consider it Firecore.

Would be really nice to add Trailers support.

Plus you can make it work like in XBMC where when someone have on his NAS a movie called MOVIE1.mkv and another file named MOVIE1-trailer.kmv, the second one is automatically detected as being the Trailer of MOVIE1 since the have the exact same name except for the “-trailer” part.

That way one could have a collection of associated trailers locally on their NAS.


And maybe add a filter to the library scan so that files having the word “trailer” wouldn’t get added to the “movies” library but instead in another section called “Trailers” to prevent doubles.


I could see this happen in two ways:

  1. locally, by adding the file Movie.trailer.mkv
  2. remotely, by linking the movie with some YouTube/IMBD link
  3. integrated, by taking the embed from YouTube and adding your own great overlay!