View Plex collections when browsing Plex libraries

Thank you for the introduction of Plex collections, this is a great addition. And they keep the advanced options set in Plex (sort order and collection mode)!!

It seems however that they are only visible in Infuse’s Library.

On my Plex Server, I have several Plex libraries : “Movies”, “Movies for kids”, “TV Shows”, “TV Shows for kids”…, which I favorite in Infuse, so that I can access them directly. Unfortunately, collections do not appear when I browse these favorites. Would be great if they could appear there as well.


I have exactly the same setup and so - the same issue. Since Infuse library (sadly and disappointingly) does not reflect the Plex libraries, the only way to have everything sorted properly is to simply not use the Infuse library feature at all … and then this problem. I even thought initially that the collections feature does not work at all and then noticed that they appear only in the Infuse library only for some unknown and illogical reason.

This was heavily under discussion during Testphase. It was the case, that Plex Collection showed up as Folder when the Plex Libraries where browsed. This caused more confusion than it was pleasing.

@James please correct me, if I am talking nonsense, but it was decided not to mix movies and collections and that Plex collections will be able to add as a favorite in a future release. For now, Infuse reads the Plex collection and integrates them via its own library

Thanks for the explanation.

I don’t understand how showing collections in favorited Plex libraries would be confusing: what was the reaction of testers?

I understand that Infuse does not want to add too many options to keep things straight, but maybe throw one would be useful.

Fully agree. In the current situation Infuse both does not handle collections in Plex libraries as favorites and in the same time does not handle Plex multi-libraries structure in it’s own library. So in short - the Plex collections feature is basically non existent. I can’t say which feature I miss more, though. If you ask me - you better go for adding multiple libraries support (at last), including support for mirroring Plex multi-library structure in Infuse library. And there you go - you hit two rabbits with one bullet.

When can we have an MCU collection? Or the ability to make our own custom Collection or (playList)?

I see Collections in “Library”, “All Movies”, and I’ve even added a Favorite item that is just Collections.

I have 2 issues.
1st - My sort order does not work. It uses release date for everything
2nd - any movie that is part of a collection does not show up in my “library” or “All Movies”. Even though all my collections are set to Hide collection in Plex.

I would also love to see Plex collections while browsing Plex libraries! Very frustrating in its current state…

I agree, I would expect it to match what is in Plex itself.

Hello i am using Plex with Infuse, which works great, but i have a problem, i have 4 categories in Plex:

  1. Movies
  2. Series
  3. Anime Movies
  4. Anime Series

in Infuse on the Mainpaige there are 2 categories Movies and Series but they include everything (mix from Movies and Anime Movies…) i know that i can enter my categories, but then the Collection feature does not work. any way how i can archive this ?

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Are these separate libraries in Plex?

If so, you can add each of them as a Favorite which would allow you to browse each of them separately.

More info on adding Favorites can be found here.

yes they are separate, but the the provided solution does not work. If i go on Library there are only Movies and Series and there everything mixed.

I believe that James was saying you could add each plex category as a separate favorite and pin those favorites to the home page where you could browse each individually.

The Infuse library is doing it’s job by combining everything into it’s own categories but your favorites will show your Plex categories separately.

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yeah but it did not work :confused: the posted info says :

1.Locate a category of your choice in the Library (EG Library > Movies > Unwatched)
2.Hold down the center (select) button
3.Select a name for the Favorite/List
4.Choose whether to add the category as a Favorite or List
5.The category will now appear on the home screen

i expect that i need to find the category in the library (because in the options there are listed) and go on from there. But there are only the options for Movies, Series etc.

You’ll want to stay out of the Library for your PLEX favorites, just click on them on the home page. Again, the Library will gather info on all files regardless of the Plex catagories and compile them into the standard Infuse catagories and you do not want those, you want your Plex catagories and you can add them to the home page.

To add folder favorites for Plex you will want to browse the Plex share through Infuse > Settings > Shares > Share Name.

thx this worked, but collections don’t work for this

One option for collections would be to add a Favorite or List for the Collections item and this would appear directly on the Home Screen.

  1. Navigate to Library > Movies
  2. Long-press on Collections
  3. Choose ‘Add to Favorites’ or ‘Pin to Home Screen’

ok that mean i can not have all in one item ?

The Collections would appear as a single Favorite/List, and would include collections from all Plex libraries.

If you wanted to exclude some libraries, you can deselect them in the Infuse > Settings > Library menu.