view media off a USB drive attached to

So, I’ve done the following:

Updated my ATV to the latest apple software.
Installed the latest ATVflash
Ran the Smart Installer for Nito.
Powered down my ATV, connected a USB drive (extended format with journaling).
Powered up the drive.
Powered up the ATV

However the drive does not seem to be available anywhere.

I was able to successfully mount an external drive that is connected to my mac (buy adding a manual sharepoint), but I would prefer to not stream movies over my network as it sputters from time to time when my kids are torrenting or youtuing. I would prefer to place my ts_folders on an drive attached to the ATV. But it does not show up anywhere on my ATV, nor in Cyberduck if I FTP to the ATV.

Any suggestions? Clues? Pointers? Am I missing part of the procedure?

No suggestions? Ideas? Anything? :frowning:

The drive should be visible through the nitoTV > Files or Files > Places menu.

If the drive is not visible, try disconnecting it, and plugging it back in.

Sorry, that didn’t seem to work.

I’m going to back up my atv (the media files I’ve added via FTP), restore the atv, apply all apple updates, install a fresh ATVFlash, update Nito with the smart installer, and see if it works.

Would it help if I have the HD attached before I use the Smart Installer, or should I wait until after the installer runs?

You won’t need to have the HD connected prior to running the smart installer. The drive will be recognized automatically whenever it is connected. This will allow you to swap drives while the Apple TV is running. nitoTV has a drive unmounting feature built in. Highlight the drive, and press the left arrow.


The drive is now appearing and I can navigate through the directories!

However, every time I open a TS folder, or use the right arrow button and then choose Play Folder, I get an error to press the play/pause button to restart the atv. I have tried this using Quicktime as the selected player and Mplayer as the selected player. I have successfully player the same TS folders streamed through Nito from my eMac, but the playback was choppy (which is why I am trying to use a connected HD).

Any suggestions on what the problem might be?

As a side question, I think that in cyberduck I inadvertently deleted the alias to the drive from the Movies folder. Any suggestions on recreating the alias?

Any thoughts? Anyone?

Any ideas on recreating the alias/shortcut of the drive? Or perhaps how to navigate to the drive in Cyberduck without an alias?