View list of unwatched episodes using Plex Addon

On the Plex website UI, you can search by episodes then filter by unwatched and sort by date added to give you a list of all recently added unwatched episodes.

All I can find in the Infuse UI it to look at unwatched TV series, or by the On Deck feature rather than just a list of all recently added episodes.

Is that available anywhere and I’m missing it?

Once you have the list in Plex filtered and sorted as you wish, make it a dynamic playlist and include this e.g. under favourites

Thanks elchupete, I have added the filter to a playlist in Plex and I can view the playlist in Infuse by going to the icon for my server then clicking on Playlists. From there though, I cannot long click to add it as a favourite to the home screen.

Is there another step needed?

Under Settings → Shares → YourPlexServer → Add Favourites → Playlists → Longpress the Playlist

works for me.

Thanks, that works. I was browsing via the library rather then the shares section.

It would be good in the future if the playlists could be added as lists rather than favourites, and also a way to reorder without having to rename them.

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