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Before using Infuse, I used Kodi. There is a point that creases me, when you partially watch a movie, Infuse displays the same indicator, whether you have already seen the movie or not.

Would it be possible to use, for example, different colours?


What a success ?

Not sure what you’re referring to.

Don’t you understand what I’m saying or don’t you see the point of this one?

Sorry, I don’t understand the phrase “What a success”. I think I understand what you’re suggesting with a different color for the indicator once it’s started but I don’t understand what you are saying is a success.

I said “what a success” because no on answered me :slight_smile:

Just to explain a bit, you posted on the 23rd which for many in the US is a long holiday weekend and it may take a few days in the next week to catch up and look at critical issues before getting back into the normal routine. Checking the suggestions is important but does fall lower down than the issues with current features.

I apologize that I didn’t get back to you sooner but I was in a “turkey coma”. :wink:

Thanks again for your patience.

Ok :slight_smile: , hope your doing better :wink:


Any chance to get it ?



Am I at the right place ?



Firecore is not known for replying to any suggestion some one made. If your suggestion gains enough likes, it may be heard.


That’s a bit strange considering this section & the fact that it’w not a free app but thanks for the info, I had a hint of that.