View data rate during playback

By accident I found the facility in Infuse to display the realtime data rate of a video file. Great feature!
Then today, when I wanted to see it again, I couldn’t find it again !
Logically it should have been in the “Settings” section, but it’s not there.

What did I miss ?

FYI when using playback through my network (Powerlines) it was showing at 40mbps.
Today I’m trying to test what it would be when connecting direct from the NAS using a long CAT6 cable/switch combination.

It’s in the settings for the share. Settings > share > saved share > speed test


Even with a CAT6 LAN cable it only showed 60mbps. Is that what would be expected ?

Plex I pull ~400Mbps. That’s probably because one is a purpose built media streaming protocol where the other one is a generic file access one.

Thanks. I knew that. I assume you actually mean 125MBps (MegaBytes per second). My LAN links are extremely good (all GB capable) and I know the NAS read rate is 90MBps (not Mbps). I wonder if there is some data rate limitation in the Apple TV that throttles down to close to the TV display rate.

FYI The Devolo Powerline monitoring software says that the link speed to/from the NAS to the Apple TV location is approx 1000Mbps (from a nominally 2400Mbps capable set of devices). I never believe that and, from long experience, would not expect actual to be greater than 15-20% of the nominal rate - so approx 240-360Mbps. I have tested the Powerline rates and achieved these.

So why 40Mbps in Powerline mode and 60Mbps in LAN direct mode to the ATV? Anyone tested whether the reported Infuse rate is accurate ?

PS I’m assuming that when Infuse says “mbps” is does mean MegaBits per second and not MegaBytes per second ?

As another aside, I used to run Netgear Media Streamers (Neo TV 350) and they used to max out (wouldn’t report any higher) at 75Mbps (MegaBits per second) even though the LAN links were 720+ Mbps capable

UPDATE : Just looked again at the Infuse Test Page. It lists “Bytes Read” and File Size in GiB (Bytes) So Mbps must be in MegaBits.

What happened to my later post with many info updates ?

Seems to be an issue with viewing comments !