View and select audio/subtitle tracks on video details page

A nice enhancement would be the storing of the subtitle choice along with resume time stamp. I have a large collection of Operas and since I usually select a subtitle when I start watching this would be helpful.


It would be nice if there was a way to view all the audio and subtitle tracks when viewing a movies details, prior to playback. In Plex, while viewing a video’s details, you can see and select the audio and subtitle tracks to play when you playback the video. It would be nice if Infuse had a similar feature.


It sure would be handy to have visual tags, just like there are for HDR, age ratings, resolution, etc. when browsing though a movie/episode. This would be for local subs or at least the one language selected in subtitle preferences (Spanish in my case).

My family doesn’t understand English very well, so I manually download spanish subs. Not every item has spanish subs, so it would be incredibly useful for them to just see a clear tag if what they want to watch has the language support they want.

I can provide maybe an photoshopped example if this post is not clear enough to get through what I mean. Remember, English is not my first language jeje

Hopefully this can be implemented :slight_smile:


Now the subtitles can be set aduring the video playback, which is fine. But what about the ability to click in the More… options and preset a subtitle before playing the video? Not removing the ability to set it or change it during playback. This would allow to set the subtitle without interrupting the playback.

I would like to see this too; very astonished that nobody else want it too!

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Would it be possible to show what languages are within the video available. I have several videos in the same folder and would like to see what languages are available. Even better would be to have a sort function for specific languages.


Is it possible to get displayed in which languages the movies are? I have multiple versions of the same movie in diffrent languages and its difficult to see which movie has which language. Also i have movies which have not my native language included and therefore they arent always a good choice to watch them with friends. It would be really good if the available audio languages would be shown with for example emotes on the title or under the movie title.


I’d be interested if we could see straight from the content page what languages and subtitles are available (maybe with country flags ?)
Is it possible ?


It would be nice if it was possible to view more detailed media info before playback like you can in Plex.

Which languages all the audio and subtitle tracks are available in primarily.


Hello, I don’t know if this can be possible but @James do you think we can have something like this in infuse? A way to know if the movie has different languages in audio/subtitles without having to open it?

Screenshot 2022-12-24 at 11.36.13 AM


A) People can verify if the movies is available in their language without having to open it.

B) I have multiple version of the same movies. I’m opening one by one to verify which one has all the audios & subtitles to merge with one with better video quality and takes time.

Thanks James & team! happy holidays


Since this is more a file-processing task than a media playing task, I’d suggest viewing your downloaded files with something like MediaInfo — which can be setup to show you this information just from hovering over a video file, without even needing to click on it.

You might also verify titles have the audio languages you need prior to downloading — presuming you are automating this process (and thus winding up with so many copies) you might want to look into refining your systems’ selectivity.

Preferred subtitles can easily be acquired on their own after the fact, via Infuse or any number of alternate third-party sites — except in rare instances where your only option is an embedded subtitle, it would be nonsensical to download an entire video file just to scrape out the subtitle.

The problem is that those files are in my google drive & share my drive/infuse with my family that doesn’t speak English and sometimes they click multiple movies looking for the one in Spanish.


Good idea. I am spoiled because if the movie doesn’t have English subtitles, I use the download subtitles function. But for some people that is not easy to navigate. It completely confuses everyone else in my household. Would be great if Infuse could read the file (just like it does for displaying audio format and video resolution) and share that info in the user interface details page.


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Thanks. I didn’t know that! I just clicked the heart.


Old request for feature: allow selection of a subtitle on the video information screen
maybe add to the “edit” page where current usage is for metadata language; select (if more than one) different match for the video


If I can change audio track and/or subtitle before starting to play that will be very useful.


Hello team,

As a frequent user of the Infuse app, I’ve been using it to watch movies and TV shows for a long time. While I find the app to be very intuitive and user-friendly, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t currently display all the available languages and subtitles for a media file in the main menu of the movie.

Therefore, I would like to request a new feature that would display all the available languages and subtitles for a media file in the main menu of the movie. This would make it much easier to quickly identify whether a particular language or subtitle track is available before playing a movie or TV show.

I believe that this feature would greatly enhance the user experience for many Infuse app users, especially those who frequently watch movies or TV shows with multiple language and subtitle options.

Thank you for your consideration of this feature request, and please let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification.


You said it well.

“This would make it much easier to quickly identify whether a particular language or subtitle track is available before playing a movie or TV show.”

For Years we endure an unnecessary process to start up a Film only to find out there is not a subtitle for it; then stop and repeat; over and over and over…


At the movie / episode screen where it shows the art, description etc, can you please show if it has a subtitle attached.