Vietnam in HD - is a movie or tv series?

I still has problems how to categorize this.
My files name was e.g.
However then, every episode has the same cover and even worse are named as “vietnam in hd”
so I renamed for:

same story - it is not categorizing as a season/show and I see those under “recently added movies”.

It seems that this is a TV Show with Episode AND a 4 hour movie (all episodes in one movie)
Do you try to choose the correct data manually ?

It’s a TV series and if you use the names like “Vietnam in HD S01E01.mkv” it will pull the correct metadata and artwork. I just tested it and it worked fine. See the attached pics for names and folders and also results.

Edit to add: Use S01E01 instead of S01.E01
It seems to work better and you may have to do an Edit metadata since it now has the incorrect info cached. It should find the right series though and once you select it Infuse will correct the metadata and artwork.


I changed and wait…have loong list to update from server anyway. Where did you get such Season view. I don’t have it on Apple TV.

To change to this view go to Infuse Settings > General > List View > On :slight_smile:

Apparently on iOS your solution is not working.

Did you do an Edit Metadata, and select the correct series and select it on one of the episodes and let it refresh the metadata?

Edit To Add: Just checked on my phone and it picked up the info too.

Yes I did. Plex recognise series correctly - infuse does not on Apple TV 13.4 also it not recognise on iOS 12 on iPad

I’m not sure what to suggest. You can see exactly how my files are named and exactly what Infuse in both tvOS and iOS pulled without me having to do anything.

Maybe try a restart on the ATV and iPad?

I did. Always the same story, iPad version looks it has more problems with recognising shows than ATV counterpart. Pity, but I think I can live with it, no other choice.