Videos with aspect 4:3 ratio, converted from 1080p to 720p, display subtitles in wrong position

Hi all,

I’m using InFuse 5.

I have some Blu-ray TV shows that are 1080p and I encode them to 720p.
I include forced (if present) and normal subtitles as a matter of course for viewing at night at low volume.

Neither Handbrake or ffmpeg seem to be able to convert subtitles to the target resolution on encode so that needs to be done as a separate step.
In looking around I see this has been requested of Handbrake a few years ago and I saw some discussion about ffmpeg too.
So the video conversion developers are not interested in adding this functionality.

After converting these subtitles from 1080p to 720p they display correctly in all players I use except where the original video has a 4:3 aspect ratio and these display ok in all players I use except InFuse.

From what I can see the problem is due to the display origin being moved 160 display units to the right because of the vertical crop.

Actually all players I use appear to display even the 1080p subtitles ok, again except for InFuse.

So it seems like the player is where this conversion is done so I believe InFuse should be updated to also do this.
Can this be done please?