Videos stop to buffer every couple of minutes

Is there any way to stop streaming videos keep pausing while it buffers more content?

I can’t see a setting anywhere to increase cache size.

Having the same problem. Streaming via Serviio from Windows 10 to an iPad Air 2. No problems streaming to a WDTV set top box on the same network. But when I stream to infuse the video stops to buffer every few minutes.

Having the same issue, stops to buffer, eventually (after 40 minutes on full HD 12 Gig File, playing through iPhone 6+ via HDMI, from wifi hard drive ), just stopped. Im guessing its trying to keep the buffer info and running out of memory?..just needs to delete its buffer history and allow buffer size modification, should fix the issue…

The upcoming 4.0 update will include a number of streaming related improvements that should help with this.

4.0 is a free update and will be out within the next few days.

I’ve updated to Infuse 4.0 but I’m still having problems. Films stop to buffer every few minutes. TV episodes seem to work fine.

Are there any recommendations for settings when encoding films?

One thing to try (just for fun) is to remove and re-install the app. It never hurts. :wink:

Thanks James,

I’ll give that a try tomorrow and report back.

Thanks for the quick reply


I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the App several times. Some films now play okay but some don’t (and some do sometimes and not others). All play perfectly well via the WD Cloud App using Airplay so the network connection seems fast enough it just doesn’t seem to be caching. When watching via the WD app the Apple TV shows a white bar to see how much of the film is ready, but using Infuse the white bar is never there to show the cached content.

I’m also still having the problem with 4.0. As stated earlier, streaming to a WDTV box works fine, so it’s not the network.

I’ve just re encoded a film that was previously buffering using the normal preset in handbrake instead of the Apple TV 3 preset and so far it is playing much better.