Videos starting at 0:10

I’m using Infuse 7.3.5 on iOS and for some reason videos start from 0:10 duration. I play from Google drive directly.

Is it on all videos or just certain ones?

I’ve seen bad encodes cause this in the past so that may be a cause.

If you download it and play it locally does it do the same? What about with VLC?

It was happening for all anime I tried to watch (everytime next episode started it was from 0:10 duration)
I tried with different animes and same happened (it was working all good until 7.3.4

I have another issue with DV being Purle coloured (it was working perfectly fine in 7.3.4 version but 7.3.5 has some issues now.

Do you watch anything other than anime?

Movies only, but they start from starting as I tap play, animes have episodes so when episode started it was from 0:10 for no reason. (It was non watched and had that tag on top right corner as well)

Regarding Dolby vision issue, it’s a movie which I was watching in 7.3.4 but couldn’t complete and decided to continue now, it has become purle and green colour I guess. On MacOS it works fine but a bit stuttery. Seems like a color profile broke for iOS app.

Can you post the output of mediainfo for this file here?

How to do so, I stream it directly from Google drive, it’s around 20GB file. I might have to download it completely so I can check it’s info somehow. I’ll download and check, just tell me how to check media info I’ll do that and share info here.

You can download it here MediaInfo

While you are at it post the mediainfo for one of the anime files too

MediaInfo.txt (7.0 KB)
if you mark video as watched and press play it starts from 0:10. it doesn’t happen in all of them but happens occasionally.
if you want anime file i can upload that too.

mediainfo.txt (21.2 KB)
Here’s the mediainfo of the movie which plays purple in iOS but works completely fine in macOS. in 7.3.4 I was watching this movie in iPhone and it was working good, but idk why 7.3.5 has this issue.

There are a few fixes for Dolby Vision and videos with delayed audio coming in the 7.3.6 update.

If you’d like to try a beta version via TestFlight, please drop me a PM.