Videos no longer viewable in XBMC, but are in Nito

I upgraded to Lion on my macbook, there’s an issue with SMB sharing already known.


The issue I now have is, I installed the Dharma version of XBMC thinking it was a working version and now I no longer see my uploaded videos on my 1st gen apple tv.  I can see them and play them in Nito tv.  

I’m not sure what happened…I have no idea if i screwed something else up.  but i went into xbmc and had it update the library on startup.  cleaned the library, rebooted and nothing.  no videos show up.  it used to mirror all the stuff in the movies folder that i’ve uploaded with cyberduck.  the files are still there and viewable/watchable under nito, previously stated.

Solved!!!  For some reason library mode was turned on.  Must have the library mode turned off.