Videos are too crushed

Hi everybody,

I don’t understand why the movies I watch via XBMC are too crushed ? The two black stripes are so big that there is not enough space left for the movie !!! It only happen’s with XBMC. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks.

You have inconsistent video settings in AppleTV and XBMC.

If you have a TV capable of 1080p, set AppleTV to use that. Then you will set XBMC to use 720p, and that issue should be fixed.

Reason for 720p is that apps under AppleTV currently only runs as 720p even if the dashboard is set to 1080p.

Ok, thanks for your help. I’ll try that.

Effectively, I have a Sony TV capable of 1080p. Keep in touch;

Ok, I checked the XBMC software… but I don’t know where to change the resolution. The only video menu I get offers me only two possibilities : 1260*1080 or windowed. Where am I supposed to switch to 720p ?

Thanks for your help.

The 1260*1080 is why they look odd…

Strange, you should only have 1280*720p and windowed available.

Have you tried rebooting the AppleTV totally after setting AppleTV to 1080p?

If not, try that.

If you did, I would completely remove XBMC (and Boxee I guess) including all settings, and re-installing it after I make sure the AppleTV is running 1080p.

@odinb : thanks a lot. I haven’t noticed that my AppleTV was on 1080i instead of 1080p. Thanks for your help.

So your problem is fixed now?

Yeah, everything’s perfect now. Thanks again for your patience.