Video with chromecast and sound with bluetooth headset?


My question is quite simple. Is it possible to stream the video from Infuse to a chromecast and the sound to my AirPods for example directly from my iPhone or iPad?

I tried but when I select to stream a media to the chromecast, I have no choice to stream the sound to another device.

Thank you for your help!

Not with Chromecast, but you can with Apple TV.

Simply set the audio output to your headphones via Apple TV Settings > Video and Audio > Audio Output.

Thank you James. No problem with the Apple TV indeed.

Is this limitation due to the chromecast, apple device or infuse?
If it is due to an infuse limitation, is it something that is looking at being fixed?


I’m contacting you back on the same topic 2 years after. Is this limitation with chromecast still active?

Thank you for your support.


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