VIDEO_TS Support

I'm sure it's been asked a 100 times but I just can't find a definitive answer.

Almost all of my media is stored on a Fedora server in native DVD format (Both TV and movies).

If I buy this today, will I be able to watch my movies and TV shows TODAY?

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Basically what I am looking for is a way to access my movies and music from the native menus with cover art and 
synopsis information displayed for each movie.  Yes, I know that's basically XBMC but it's it's own app and oh yeah, it doesn't work for video_ts. (WTF?)  There is no way in heck I am converting almost 9TB of data to a different format.  I'll just bring this thing back and build myself another HTPC for the bedroom to run MePo if I have too.  The ATV is ideal though and I hope this is the solution!

Thanks in advance!!


Additional codec support and NAS streaming are two of the top things we're currently working on.

While neither of these are available at this moment, their release is not far off (later this month).

Thanks for the response & I'll keep and eye on things!

Hi, when is the release? Because I don't want to use xbmc or plex 

No xbmc because no support of ts_video or plex because I don't want to run my computer all the time...