video_ts sound but no video

Hello everyone…

I have 2.2 software with the latest aTV Flash (3.3.4) installed. I just copied over a movie in my_movie/video_ts format. I can hear sound but no video! Any help/ideas? I’ve tried switching between mplayer & quicktime but that didn’t help. Not sure what to do!!

Thanks in advance,
Atlanta, GA

I am having the same problem as well. I can hear that I am controlling the dvd menu but there is only black background. Thanks in advance for any advice on this matter.


I couldn’t even access it in 3.3.4, and had the same problem in the latest revision 3.3.5, but a reboot or two of the appleTV seemed to do the trick. Actually, what happens was that I could hear the sound on the menu screen but not see anything. When I clicked on the play button, I would go back to the “Play title” menu on the apple TV. I’d click that, and the movie would play with video.

Another thing… you may want to test increasing your cache settings in DVD > Settings.