Video_TS Problems

I have been having problem with video playback and hoped the newest update would help out. Specifically “Spiderman” I get to the scene in the science lab with the microscope. Peter is about to get the spider bite. MJ opens her mouth to speak. … “Buffering” - Every time … It then picks back up but no sound is available. I have had similar issues with other Video_TS folders. Under the old version LowTide would just restart. Now I get “Buffering”.

“Friends” has had buffering problems anytime I am using the network (wireless N)

I’m thinking I will just re-rip the disc and try again to make sure it’s not a problem with the rip.

Any thoughts?


4.3 OS

MediaPlayer 0.9


Hmm, it sounds like it may be an issue with the DVD.

Can you try playing the same DVD through VLC or other DVD player on your Mac/PC to see if the same issue occurs?