Is there something posted on how to play these files?


Yes, sure. Look here for example:

You have to make sure that your files are located in a folder with the name VIDEO_TS and that folder is within a folder with the movie name. Then, you can add it to your library and play it. Also, don’t add the individual movie folders to your library but a folder with these folders inside. This was something I was struggling with at first and I was wondering why it didn’t work as expected.

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you may create a .iso with VIDEO_TS inside, and Infuse (as VLC) will read it without any issue.
I have a folder with a lot of DVD rip to .iso

How do you get this to work? I don’t. I’ve read everywhere that Infuse will make this work but it doesn’t work with any of the methods you suggested. Also the link above is for an Apple TV of like the first generation or something.

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