video_ts on 4.2.1

I reinstalled my atv with atv flash 4.2.1 and everything seems to work ok, however:
If i try to play video_ts files with NitoTV the apple just restarts and I end up with the mail menu (not the dvd menu) again.
ISO and divx work just fine.

This is quite a big issue for me since the playback of my movies over my wireless network was the reason why I bought my atv.

Hope there’s somebody who can help.

ps. already runned smartinstaller (a couple of times) I cant find the quiktime playback option I’ve read about in older post.


Is this happening with all VIDEO_TS files? What program was used to backup your DVDs?

I’ve tried severall video_ts filesthat work just fine in miirow or any other program on my MacBook pro.

Ps i am the original poster.

Please try rerunning the Smart Installer as described here:

max, as stated in my first post i already runned smartinstaller a couple of times.... and i reinstalled everything once already as well....

Ok. Can you describe how your VIDEO_TS folders are setup? There is a good guide that describes the best way to set these up here:

Essentially each movie's VIDEO_TS folder should be contained in it's own folder.

found a workaround thats works for me... convert the video_ts to iso, takes a minute with aquaISO

I will have a look at my video_ts files and will post the structure asap