VIDEO_TS Folder Support

Will the new version of Infuse app for AppleTV v4 work with video folders / VOB files?

Not in the Beta yet, number #1 feature for me

Agreed…I don’t want to convert my 300+ DVD collection to MKV format or something similar.

#1 Feature for me

I already did convert all my concert videos (400+) from VIDEO_TS and ISO to MKV. Don’t use menus anyway.

I’d prefer not to spend my time doing this. Moreover, I actually like the menus. The functionality is there in Infuse on AppleTV2 so it is clearly possible to do.

It’s great that the app was launched and looks great.

I would love to hear from James if there are plans in the works to support VIDEO_TS folders.

That way I can decide what to do.

Won’t use/buy it without .vob and .iso

It’s as simple as that…

Very disappointed! Long time user of ATVFlash on 1st & 2nd gen ATV with all my DVDs in .dvdmedia format (via RipIt or MDRP). Was very excited for new ATV4 and new Infuse but the excitement is gone and replaced by disappointment. Does Firecore have any plans for Infuse to support .dvdmedia files? If not, is there any suggestions on how to convert my .dvdmedia files to a format that Infuse can play? I dread having to convert hundreds of files!

Please support DVD folders or disc images!

Always a do-over, back to square one DISAPPOINTMENT with Firecore. Then “we’re working on it…maybe.” Been tortured by this with ATV Flash AND Infuse thru every iteration of the Apple TV from the beginning. Will try new version of Media Center with the old Apple TV 1. Expect after THAT fails I’ll be done with all this nonsense once and for all, forced to surrender unconditionally to the Streaming-Uber-Alles Dystopia.

Looks like the folks making MrMC for Apple TV are looking into it… ?

tvOS is only couple months old, v9.1 right? Hold out some hope yet, the market will meet the demand eventually.

keeping my fingers crossed and will buy MrMC!

The first one that supports video_ts and .iso wins!

I recently bought infuse pro (coming from the old atv black, sadly without a cross grade option) and I was surprised that some features (as dvd playback) were gone. However, I still hope that this will be added soon. The code must already be somewhere…

Personnaly i think they underestimate how many people still use these files/folders.

Yes please. With full dvd menu support! It’s close to perfect now, but that would put it over the top!

How hard is it to convert it to MKV format? I have 350+ files all in VIDEO_TS format. This why I’ve kept my old AT and I really hope they come up with a solution soon.

DVD support is on our roadmap. We need to wrap up 4.0.2 before we go too crazy with new features though.

Stay tuned.

I won’t be buying or recommending the product until VOB files and ISOs are supported, one of your competitors support ISOs already, you are falling behind.

This feature was in your ATV2 product, I don’t see why it’s so hard.