Video_ts empty when its not


New to Infuse but it looks like just what I’ve been looking for! However I have some difficulties getting streaming to work from my PC (Windows 7 Pro). I have a couple of hundred of DVDs in “raw” format on a share, which I rather not convert…

I manage to connect to the share trough smb with a user and pwd and I can see both folders and files in connection mode. When I access it through to home screen I can traverse the folders and select a certain movie folder and can see the the audio_ts/video_ts folders but when going in to the video_ts folder it says “Folder empty Continue nothing more to see here”. For other types of media e.g mp4 it works.

The dvd folders has been working fine both whne using VLC on the pc and through a tvix mediaplayer so I know they are ok. What am I misssing???

Cheers Fredrik