VIDEO_TS (DVD) playback on AT4k

I was wondering if Infuse Pro on an Apple TV4k will playback a straight copy of the VIDEO_TS folder from a DVD or does it need to be an .ISO file? I’ve seen the guides for a 1st or 2nd gen Apple TV but no mention of the process on a 4kTV.

I’ve got several TV series on DVD which have extra features and wanted to see if it was possible to keep the menu format approach to accessing them?

Unfortunately, Infuse Pro does not support DVD menus. It can play content from the VIDEO_TS folder but working out which files match to which extra features can be tricky. There’s an open feature request in the Suggestions forum if you want to add your support.


Like movie_lover said, there’s a currently running thread in the suggestions forum that is asking for DVD/Blu-Ray menus in Infuse here

Don’t forget to like the first post in that thread to add your support! :wink:


Thanks @movie_lover & @NC_Bullseye for your replies. I’ll pop over to the suggestions thread now!

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