Video too slow

In the past, I have had no problems with video. Recently, I have horrible performance. Also recently, for unknown reasons, I lost my connections to the servers and had to do the setups again. Also lost Plex which I use only for home movies.

Now, I get frequent “whirlybirds” on mp4’s.

We had guests last night and all settled into watching a movie and we all gave up after 1 minute of movie and 10 minutes of black screens with a twirling circle.

Any suggestions as to how I can debug this?

WiFi or wired connection to the ATV? If WiFi trying an Ethernet cable even just temporarily for testing will tell you if your WiFi connection quality may have changed.

Everything is ethernet…the ATV and the iMac. My WiFi is exceptional however, I should try it.

Many months ago I had a similar problem but only with the home movies (go pro)…and I switched those few to Plex and that worked.

If yore using SMB, you can try adjusting the SMB version as described here.

This can help in some cases.

Is SMB the fastest option to select? I don’t believe I’m using that.

It can be faster than others on some systems. Give it a shot and also don’t forget to try some of the options after you get it set up.

I’ll add one more thing, if you have the ability to change out the Ethernet cables even just temporarily give that a shot. I had an Ethernet cable go bad and not be a complete failure, just cut the speed to about 10% of what it was. That took forever to find and as soon as the new cable was in place everything was back to normal.

That was a problem I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Well. I did a rescan of the library. I deleted and reconnected the Plex share. And I rebooted my computer.

Not sure why, but everything is working again.

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