Video stutters/jittery playback

In previous released I had only one video that did not plat well on ATV or iPadPro on Infuse. On old iPad Air they player good and with valv they play good on ATV and iPadPro.

The file is uploaded and you have confirmed the issue.

In this release another video started to stutter that used to play well on ATV, seems like you are moving in the wrong direction.

I don’t think anything changed with respect to video playback with 7.1. Looks like some upcoming performance improvements for 7.2

Thanks for sharing, but it is definitely a change in video playback between 7.0 and 7.1, even though release notes might not mention.
I guess development team knows what they did and can revert or solve it.

If I may add to this.
Indeed I spotted stuttering video playback on OLDER Blu-ray releases as well.

Hulk (approx. 2008)
National Lampoon’s Vacation (yr. N / A, but older)

The same movies play well on the Dune HD 30 inches away, using the same infrastructure.


This particular issue is on our radar, and we’ve had a few reports with similar files.

The underlying problem is an encoding related issue with certain files that results in a jittery effect during playback. This effect can also be seen when playing the sample you sent in on Quicktime on Mac.

We have a few ideas for working around these issues, but these have not been implemented just yet.

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All in all I have only 2 videos causing this in my large collection, but these 2 I watch frequently.
Keep up the good work!

@james yeah all files stutter for me and I tried a 4K HDR remux 60GB movie file and also stuttered but with MrMC no matter what file I threw at it, it never had a single stutter and was silky smooth with same files.

Today’s 7.5.7 update has a number of improvements to better handle files like this which include invalid timestamps.

Please let us know if you continue to see issues here.

The 7.5.7 release improved playback, but video still don’t play fully smooth, as before as it used to do.
There is an effect like you step frame by frame in high speed. So a constant small stuttering.

At least in 7.5.7 release you can watch the files.

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