Video Stutters heavily after seeking on Apple TV

Whenever I “Forward Skip” or “Backward Skip” any dolbyvision or HDR movie, it stutters heavily and keeps stuttering until I go back to the menu of Movie and resume it on my Apple TV 2nd gen.
I play my content via Google Drive and I have 200mbps connection.

facing issue on the latest infuse version with latest tvOS version.

It has been happening for two weeks or so.
I am Pro infuse user and I do not expect to face this issue. Infuse used to work without any stutters on “Forward Skip” or “Backward Skip” a month or so before.

Here’s the video of the Stuttering issue caused as per the aforementioned issue.

I request you to please check the issue and resolve it.
This issue only happens whenever I do “Forward Skip” or “Backward Skip” else the video plays without any issue.

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