Video streaming has adjusted not native brightness

I’m running into a brightness issue I didn’t notice as much until recently, where dark scenes are brightened up. Avatar has a vivid and not dark black background (bright black and very bright stars), Harry Potter 4 near the beginning when announcing the tournament is completely washed out, and other movies appear as if someone turned up the brightness. A quick fix is to steam on the Plex app instead. Playing the disk in a player shows brightness matching plex and not infuse on Apple TV.

  • AppleTV 5th gen
  • Source is a plex server with various files
  • Occurs on 1080p, 4K, HDR
  • TV used is OLED
  • Some files are more effected than others. It seems like the brightness is adjusted relative to the overall spectrum of the movie or episode. Example is battlestar galactica looks more gray tone, some HDR look fine except the bright moments that are completely washed out.
  • Source brightness does not match the output brightness via the Infuse App

I have restarted and re-installed the Infuse app.

What version number of Infuse are you using?

Hmm, we’re not aware of any issues here, and have actually worked to get perfect black levels.

A few things to check.

  1. Are the Match Content options enabled?
  2. Is the video output set to 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 Chroma? (There have been reports of issues with some TVs when using 4:2:2 Chroma)

It’s fixed, but let me provide the details. Match content was off. And it was on 4:2:0, but I just checked with 4:2:2 with the same effect.

The version is Pro 6.6.1 (3464)

Here is an example of how infuse was looking. The space scenes looked too vivid and not dark like space.

I then tried turning match content on and that fixed the issue.


Awesome! :smiley:

Thanks for following up.

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