Video Streaming from NAS Drive using SMB

Hello all.

Using Apple TV 2.3 and the Latest aTV Flash software . . .

I want to :-

A) Stream video from my LaCie NAS drive, and,
B) See my Apple TV in my iMac’s Finder.

So I downloaded the Combo Update file and used Cyber Duck to FTP it to then /Documents/ file on the Apple TV as per the instructions in the Wickie. The instructions are simple but I got steps 1 and 2 the wrong way around. Everything seems to be working except I cannot see my Apple TV in Finder using the Finders GO command as expected, and I cannot connect to my NAS drives. Here is what I did wrong . . .

After installing the Combo Update File in the /dDocuments/ folder on AppleTV, you are supposed to :-

  1. Run a few commands on the Apple TV using Terminal then . . .
  2. Run Software Install from :- DVD/Settings/Install Software/smart installer.

The above is supposed to allow me to :-

a. See my Apple TV from Finder using the GO command and entering the address of the Apple TV which is AppleTV.local and,
b. Connect to my NAS drives using SMB


I did steps 1 and 2 the wrong way around. Currently,

i) My iMac’s Finder will NOT connect to my Apple TV. Is this becasue I did 1 and 2 the wrong way around ?
ii) My AppleTV shows my two Lacie NAS drives as “AFP on Lacie” not “SMB on Lacie” as I would expect.

Is this because I got steps 1 and 2 wrong ?, or is something else wrong ?

And, yes I DO have SMB file sharing turned ON.