Video stops playing at certain spots

Hi there,

Ive been having problems with video playback since I first downloaded aTV flash for my second gen appletv. Some videos will stop playing at points during the video and return back to the menu in the media app (not a reset of appletv, just as if the video had completed playing). The blue dot on the side of the video disappears as if the video was watched entirely.

Interesting points:

  • It always happens at the same spots for the same video (ie. watching a particular tv show, the video stops playing at the exact same spot every time).

  • I can skip over the part where I know the video will stop playing, and then the video continues to play until the next time it decides to stop playing.

  • Using XBMC, everything works fine. No problems with playback so far.

I have a hard disk connected to my wireless router.

Have had this problem for a few weeks. I hoped the RC1 update would fix things but it has not at this point.


I have the exact same problem, seems to hit large files the most.


Please, this is making me insane! 

I have been having the same issue. 

After looking at the log files, it appears to be memory related issue.

A clean install does not seem to fix the issue, and memory is sitting at around 50%+ usage after reboot.

Lets hope the memory issue can be addressed in the next Maintenance update.

Could you send in a bug report so we can track down what’s going on?



Any news on this? I have the same problem. 



ATV 2 - iOS 5 - aTV Flash 1.6 Black

After some testing, it looks like a router related problem. I connected the same USB drive to my computer and shared it vía SAMBA, it works. My router is a Sagem Livebox 2. I’ll be trying to figure it out…

Thanks for following up. :)

No problem :slight_smile: I ordered a small NAS. I’m planning on connecting my external HDD to the NAS and check if it works well with aTV. I’ll keep you guys posted.



Shows abruptly stop

Movies stopping in the middle


Thanks, but they are all related to XBMC. I can’t find a connection :-/

Are you playing a video from your local network through XBMC or using an addon through XBMC? The claim is that the cache is full and emptying it solves the problem.

I am playing video through “Media”, not through XBMC. As stated on the first post, using XBMC, everything works fine. 


Sorry I had quickly glanced at the post picking out key points. I would suggest filing out a support request with fireCore. Have you attempted to stream it from a different computer? I wonder if the video has an error that XBMC is handling but Media Player isn’t.

No prob :wink: It happens with all kind of video (tried with different files). I’m waiting for my new NAS in order to check whether it’s a router related problem.

Well, it looks like the new version of aTVFlash fixed the problem :slight_smile: Thank you!