Video Stops, asks if I want to resume

Hello all
Wondering if anyone can help please.

I stream videos with infuse 6 pro from my NAS HD via ethernet to my ATV 4k also on ethernet, It’s been running this way for years now and works a treat.
These are just usually kids cartoons, 720p / 1080p etc nothing fancy.

Lately videos seem to randomly stop and it goes to the infuse “resume from here or start” screen.
It can be say 30 mins in or 40mins… And sometimes not at all… Very random.
It’s almost like some kind of power saving feature or something… like when Netflix or prime ask “are you still watching this”… Well yes of course I am if you’d let me…

I have resume set to ask, so I can stop stuff and come back to it later.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?


Welcome to the forum!

First question is what tvOS are you running and what version of Infuse?

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Hi @NC_Bullseye
Sorry I should have said.
It is tvOS 14.0 public beta and infuse pro 6.4.8 (3189)
I’m almost certain this was happening in tvOS 13 as well :thinking:

Happened another few times today at random times.

Does the screen go black before returning to the Resume from here screen? If it does go black, do you have to click the remote to get it to display the video again with the resume from here notice?

No black, just straight to that resume screen