Video skipping/repeating on Mac

I am seeing an issue where sometimes the video seems to jump forward a second or two but the audio does not so they are out of synch. But then the video seems to jump back again and repeat the missed video with audio in synch. It’s strange.

I have seen it about 3 times watching a DV 8 UHD rip of 13 Hours.

It doesn’t happen again at the same spot if I rewind so it’s not easy to reproduce.

The second time I saw it I was a bit confused and only realized what was happening because I saw the guy outside the building going in, then inside the building but then suddenly he was back outside again walking in. It was then I realized what happened.

Given that it doesn’t always happen I don’t think it’s something specific with the video. At some point this week I will try to watch 13 hours again and video it with my iPhone to see if it happens again.

I have seen some comments about skipping but this seems different….

My setup is:

  • MacBook Pro 14” M1 Max
  • Playing full screen on battery power but no power saving settings enabled.
  • display preset to Apple xdr display (p3-1600 bits)
  • refresh rate set to promotion
  • resolution set to default (1512x982)
  • I don’t have any apps like vivid or anything installed that does anything to the display or adjusts HDR
  • running Ventura 13.6
  • was playing 13 Hours 4k DV8 with atmos soundtrack playing and no subtitles.
  • infuse version 7.7.4729
  • extended Dolby vision set to auto
  • hdr colours set to infuse
  • playing locally from my MacBook Pro SSD so wasn’t a streaming issue

I will try to get a video of it happening but, in order to do that, I think I will have to record myself watching an entire movie :joy:.

Anyone else seen anything similar?

I don’t know if it is the same issue but seeing a weird video repeat just when I started watching a new movie. This time I was videoing with my iPhone to try to record the other issue I had seen.

This time Infuse is playing a second or 2 of the very beginning of the movie and then repeating it. It is the paramount intro video and very obvious. I have actually played this 3 times now and it happens every time. If I play this movie in VLC it does not happen.

If I turn off extended Dolby vision in infuse then it doesn’t happen but if I have extended Dolby vision set to either auto or limited it happens every time I start this video.

This video is a 4k UHD rip in mkv of the hunt for red October in DV 8.1 (converted from profile 7). Soundtrack playing is TrueHD 5.1. Forced subtitles turned on and there is a forced track.

I have attached a video showing it happening. Excuse the audio (I am on a plane). The amount of video shown before it happens on this file seems to be slightly different. Sometimes it barely shows the paramount logo before restarting, other times I get a second or so of video before it restarts. This example seems to be very repeatable but I don’t know if that means it is different from the issue I reported above or it is just that the circumstances required always happen at the start. Perhaps if I watch 13 Hours from the start again it will always happen in the same place. If I just rewind and watch the problematic area it doesn’t happen again.

Anyone else seen this? Definitely seems related to Dolby vision again.

*** actually I am a new user so it won’t let me upload an attachment ***

@James is there some way I can be enabled so I can share the video and people can see what I am talking about? I will also submit a support ticket.

Sorry, I should have also said, on this latest example with the paramount intro if I slide the slider back to the start of the video after it happens it doesn’t happen but if I close the playback and start playback again from the beginning it happens every time.

It also happens in both window and full screen mode.

I confirm that I also have this problem of small segments (like 10 seconds) repeating. At first I thought I was crazy lol

lol. Me too.

Sometimes it is very short and other times it is up to 10 seconds.

Glad someone else has seen it. I have uploaded an example that reliably does it for me and a video from my iPhone showing what I see. Hopefully firecore can reproduce.

I have now uploaded and emailed fire core.

Ticket number 161617

This is a video from my iPhone recording what happens at the start of the hunt for red October.

Oh! I’m getting the same with 4K content too, it will freeze after a few seconds of playing then take a really long time to resume.

ATV4K vs Mac tho

OK, is that for Dolby Vision Content?

The problem I have seems to be specifically a problem with Dolby Vision because if I disable Dolby Vision in the settings it doesn’t happen. As the person said above sometimes it repeats up to 10 seconds of video but it happens quite smoothly so it makes you think you are going mad…like “didnt I just see that?” :slight_smile:

I have just managed to get a screen recording of the skipping/repeating issue that this thread is about. I have chopped it down and converted it to 480p to make it fit within the 15Mb attachment rules but is still obvious what’s happening. Video skips ahead of the audio for a few seconds and then re-synchs and repeats some of the video back in synch.

Have uploaded to Firecore.

Also, got a screen recording of the flicker still happening although I think there are many examples of that for DV8 files. This was playing a file that had also been put through ffmpeg so the flickering definitely isnt totally eliminated using ffmpeg.

I’m also experiencing this issue. 4k DV HDR content played via Plex. Seems to happen around 5 times per hour.