Video size in preview

Hi experts,
just wondering where Infuse takes the video size shown in the preview (see screenshot): is this the real resolution of the file or is it taken from any metadata in the file? I.e. if I see there 1080p is it a real 1080p video?

Thanks in advance!

This is generated from the actual resolution of the video file.

Thanks James,
This was the answer I was hoping for, but then I have a case in which it is not shown at all… this is a bit weird. This is the only case in my library.

Let me take the opportunity to say that I really love this software, very well done!


I’ve had a couple of instances where the resolution didn’t show and at least once it was due to a corrupt file.

Also I’ve had at least once where once I started to play the file and then went back to the info screen it then had the resolution but after viewing the entire file it did turn out to be corrupt.

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One quick thing you can check is to click edit and reselect the movie. It will try to read properties again. If you were currently ripping a movie while infuse did its scan it might not have picked it up.

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