Video region selection for iso file

Is there a way to choose which region of the iso file to play? It used to work perfectly but somehow it starts to play Thai version… I have played with the audio and subtitle pull down menu but no luck.

Thank for help!

Got it! Didn’t realize title is a selectable option, all I have to do was to select different title and back to English. lol

Bringing this back up again. selecting titles allows me to change the opening (Star Wars Force Awaken) to English, but I have to select it every time I play the movie, will Infuse 6 tackle this problem? Also, selecting the titles will only play the titles (the infamous Star Wars yellow script) but would not continue to play the movie. Any thoughts?

Infuse will do it’s best to automatically select the correct title, though this isn’t always possible.

Which version of Star Wars is this (4K, Blu-ray, DVD, etc…)?

Blu-Ray, and it only happens to Force Awaken and Last Jedi. Prequels and Original SW are fine… I don’t recall Solo and Rogue One have the yellow script.

Thanks for looking into that.