Video quality

Hi All,

I try to fix something it’s to me as an issue since a couple of day but I don’t find anything on this subject on this forum.
I bought an Apple TV in Dec with this objective to stream my media with Infuse. Everything look like to work perfectly.

But when I compare the image quality with a same file playing with Infuse and playing with another way (for example stream directly on my Smart TV) I find some diffrence on video quality. Especially with 1080p video. The video is not in perfect quality with infuse.
I try to fix it by find appropriate setting on apple TV by I don’t find any solution…

I have 2 questions :

  • Am I the alone to have or find this issue ?
  • Do you know the solution to have a perfect image ?

(file are encoded n H.264, and I do some test with 720p ou 1080p)

Not sure what’s up but my quality is stunning going from the old atv2 at 720 ( which I was happy with on my 63 screen)
Now running 1080 I couldn’t be happier.

This could just be because it uses different inputs on your TV and most TV’s allow different pictures settings per input.

Hi All,
After now 2 months I don’t find a solution : the image is not very “fluid” and I have a lot of very small “twitch”… I try every thing : different set up on my HDMI input, try another HDMI input, test my network (LAN) speed… every thin but I don’t find a solution.
I’m back to my previous player (internal on my SMART TV)… but I would like to find a solution… perhap’s someone could help me…