Video quality problem

Hi everyone,

I can’t get a correct resolution when using Infuse to play videos from my Synology. When I play videos directly from the NAS with my TV or internet box, the quality is great, but when I use Infuse with my Apple TV, quality is bad.

Any ideas ?

Thanks for your feedback

Welcome to the forum!

Are you connecting to your Synology using UPnP or DLNA by chance? If so, the Synology may be enabling some of it’s optional transcoding features which can lead to lower quality.

If you are able to create a new share and connect using SMB or NFS, Infuse will be able to access the files directly and avoid any of Synology’s built-in media server/transcoding features.

Thanks for your quick response !

I tried SMB (with auto version, not the others ones) and UPnP, it looks the same. But I didn’t try NFS, I didn’t manage to set it up.

Hmm, is this happening with all videos or just a few? What type of issues are you seeing?

Do you have the Match Content options enabled on your Apple TV as described here?

Bingo ! That was the Match Content options I needed to enable.

Thanks a lot for your quick help, I was getting desperate. Next step is setting up subtitles !

Awesome! Glad you’re back on track. :slight_smile: