Video Playback not working

After installing the latest Patch and running the smart installer, I am having no luck playing and ripped DVD’s.

I ripped the DVD’s using Rippit for the Mac and have transferred the Ripped files onto a 1TB G-Raid drive connected to the AppleTV via USB.

When I go to Files/Places/GRaid/DVDs, I see all my Video_TS images. When I go to play a file, I get a message that reads “a error has occurred. Press Play/Pause to restart your Apple TV.”

Any suggestions?


Currently nitoTV is the only application that will support DVD files.

What about XBMC?

XBMC plays DVDs just fine on my AppleTV. Menus and all works excellent from ISO images.

Have not tried playing from a USB device, I stream mine from an smb share, but it should work just the same from a USB HD.

That Said, How do you access files from a external USB drive in Nito TV?


Yes, XBMC will work as well.

In nitoTV the external drive will be accessible through the nitoTV --> Files menu.

Any chance that NitoTV will support access to external USB drives in the future?

When I go to the files Menu in NitoTV, I get a message that reads " empty folder! The folder is empty or has no files with supported Suffixes. Press menu to return"

Is there something I am missing to Map to my external USB drive in NitoTV? I can see the drive through the Places menu.

As for Boxee, I would prefer not to install it. It is not as elegant as the NitoTV application that is integrated in to the AppleTV UI.


Problem Solved. Re-ran the NitoTV Smart Installer, problem solved.

" This step is required to enable the AppleTV to use USB devices. … _Installer"

Thanks for you help