Video playback issue

I’ve been using infuse for over a year now with a multibay hard drive enclosure with no issue, until I bought a new hard drive to replace one of them.

I’ve set up the hard drive with the same format, and moved all the 4K content from the old drive to the new one and reset all the shares in infuse to sync up with the new one.

It loads all the files into the proper categories into infuse so I can see them listed, but for most of the files you go to play them you get “An error occurred” when you try to play it. The files that do this also don’t list audio format they have or the runtime.

I have all the Harry Potter movies in its own folder on this hard drive, it lists one of them of having a runtime of 300 hours and 33 minutes and 5.1 audio, and when you try to play it it either errors out or gives a black screen with random audio. The rest of them don’t list a runtime or audio and immediately when you start to play them it errors out.

I also have all the DC Movies in another folder and they load and play fine, list the correct times and audio/video formats. And these files are all larger than the Harry Potter files, so it doesn’t appear that it can’t play large files.

I’m really confused as to what’s happening or if I did anything wrong in my setup, all the files are the same as a previous drive it just there on a larger hard drive.

As a easy test, I’d load VLC on the ATV and see if it will first, play the problem files, and second it does have the runtime info available on to see what it reads as a run time.

Honestly, it sounds like something really corrupted the files on transfer. Do you still have the original drive with the data intact?

Loaded up VLC and they won’t play there either, so clearly it’s a hard drive issue. And I don’t have the original data intact.

I unplugged the drive from the airport and back into my Mac and all the files play fine directly, could the transfer have caused something to go wrong to play it over a network but play fine locally?

Just curious, what size hard drive did you get?

Also, what format did you use? APFS, FAT32, etc

What is the brand and model of your drive enclosure?

The new one is a 12 terabyte WD White drive, and it’s in Mac OS extended (journaled)
The enclosure is a mediasonic probox

Would it be easy to swap the bay of the new drive to one of the other bays in the enclosure?

I couldn’t find any docs on your enclosure to dig around and see what all it requires.

That’s the drive and it says it can handle up to 16 terabytes per drive.

And I swapped two of the drives in the enclosure, and the problem still persists

When you moved the drive to the Mac and it played, what app did you use?

If not VLC you may want to also get that on your Mac and see if VLC can play them and if it shows the correct sizes.

I wonder if you made your Mac the server with SMB enabled and added a share in Infuse if it would work? That may eliminate the AirPort as a possible problem.

Used VLC on the Mac, and displayed the right sizes and played fine.

Enabled the Mac mini as the SMB and everything popped up and was correct and played, so the files aren’t corrupted.

The 4K content freezes thought, which is why I used the airport cause it’s hardwired into the Apple TV

I’m glad your files are safe, that would have been a real kick in the teeth if you had lost them trying to make things better.

Can you connect the Mac to the router that the ATV is connected to with Ethernet?

Not sure what to say about the AirPort since it appears that it’s the one causing that problem. Since it’s aged out I doubt if many more firmware updates will become available. It may be time to look into one of the newer AC/AX WiFi routers.

Wanted to add, you’d have to be a MONSTER Harry Potter fan to sit through a 300+ hour movie! There must have been a ton of deleted scenes. :clown_face:

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Ya know what, the first 300 hours go by like nothing its the last 33 minutes that get you

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LOL That’s about the time you REALLY need a bathroom break.