Video playback issue on iPadOS 15 Beta

I’m using iPadOS 15 Public Beta 1 (19A5281j) on 11 inch iPad Pro 2021(M1).
Infuse 7.0.6 (3711)
I encountered video playback issue.
I tried multiple movies, and the image freezes within less than half a second while the sound continues to play normally.

Is there anyone else encountering same issue?

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Yes. Same on my iPad Mini running Beta software

Thanks for the reports!

We have a number of iOS 15 issues on our radar we’ll be looking into.

If you have a chance to replicate the issue and submit a report from your device (and post the 5 digit code here) it would be super-helpful.

Today’s 7.2 release has a number of improvements in this area.

Please give it a try and let us know if you continue to see any issues.

Thanks for your patience.

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Everything working perfectly

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