Video playback in MediaPlayer 1.1.1 causes ATV to restart

I found one video that causes mediapalyer 1.1.1 to restart randomly. No memory warning message, nothing. It will just be playing and then it restarts. I have couchsurfer, weather and media player installed. No other 3rd party extensions. ATV 4.3 OS as well, untethered jailbreak.


The movie in question is Incendies with english subtitles. Sometimes the subtitles won’t play either, I have modified the subtitles options to increase the font size to +3 and colour to Yellow.


The format of the movie is


Xvid MPEG-4 Video

704x368 res

frame rate 23.976023


Audio is A52 Audio (aka AC3)

Channels 3F2R/LFE


448 kb/s


if you are looking for the file to test this is the name



the subtitles file is


Just installed the latest version of aTV Flash on 4.4.4 using the latest version of Seas0nPass that was released yesterday, and im having the same issue. It plays for a while, then the AppleTV just restarts with no error message.


Xvid MPEG-4 Video

Resolution - 1280x528

Frame Rate - 23.976024

Audio - A52/AC3

Channels - 3F2R/LFE


448 kb/s

I have a similar problem with multiple files.  However, they all crash at specific points in the file.  Here is the trouble ticket I submitted to FireCore:


When navigating through a CiFS share ( or sometimes just entering the share) the Apple TV will crash. In this case the screen will briefly go black and then return to the main screen.

In addition certain media files will always crash at the same point (or at the same multiple points) in the stream. I am able to fast forward past the point and continue, but if I attempt to play that same segment it will always exit. Sometimes it just exits the video and sometimes it crashes back to the main screen.

  • Share is on Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)
  • Apple TV is running 4.4.4 with untethered jailbreak (was also happening on 4.4.3 tethered)
  • ATV Flash (Black) is 1.1.1

This seems to be a problem with the video encoding/audio encoding or even the subtitle support – Who knows?!? I’d encourage that who ever reports this problem specifies the EXACT audio/video/subtitle setup on the file. You can get this by holding down the select button (middle one between the nav keys) on the AppleTV remote while the file is playing. Alternatively get this info from VLC under Codec Information menu.

Oh yes, this problem still occurs with this file with ATV 4.4.4 OS under the untethered jailbreak using Seas0npass. 1.1.1 of mediaplayer of course.

the same thing here after upgrading to 4.4.4 in order to watch something I must FFW the movie past the point that it crashed last time.


this is very annoying

This happens on multiple files.  Last night I saw at multiple points (at least 3 or 4) in the latter half of a file that has the following specs:


File size: 4.5GB

Video: H.264

Audio: DTS (6 Channels, 48kHz)

File type:  MKV

Length:  01:46:24

Width:  1280

Height:  720

Rate:  24 Frames/Sec