Video playback freezing (iPad Air - infuse 2.3)

Every time I play back a file I get periodic freezes of the video playback/rendering. The audio keeps playing in the background and eventually (sometimes up to 5 seconds), the video starts again. It happens on 1080/720/576/mkv/m4v videos (ie all Formats and resolutions). Any thoughts?

It seems to manifest itself when there is a very bright frame (eg an explosion).

Hmm, we haven't seen anything like this here.

Any chance you be able to send in a sample file?

Feel free to shoot me a PM if you like.

I'm also seeing the same thing since the latest upgrade. Agree It does seen to be linked to specific points in video content , as i can cancel out of infuse and restart content and it will freeze at same point each time. Sometimes completely restarting iPad and clearing background apps has helped but not consistently. 

Same video plays fine on Apple TV. 

Im on iPad 2. 




I've PM'd a link to a video clip. The audio is missing in my edit in Quicktime but the video triggers the behaviour on my iPad.


I'm having the exact same problem.. I have to convert my videos to .mkv from .mp4 to make them work. Some .mp4's work but it is not consistent. However, I now convert them anyway just to avoid the problem ( a bit of a ball ache really) as it is annoying if this happens when you are out and about… Also using an iPad2.

All .mp4's play fine on my PC using VLC



Hello, i have the same issue with my ipad 2 and infuse 2.3 !

Hello, i have the same issue with my ipad 2 and infuse 2.3 !

Update: We're working on a way to handle some problematic videos files in a more efficient manner, and we hope to have this ready in time for the next update.

Any news?

Yep - big improvements coming in the next update.

Coming soon - very soon. :slight_smile:

Having the same problem on Infuse pro v. 3.3.1 and ipad mini 3.
Seen on both 1024p and 720p. movies. The video stucks and the audio goes on.
Can send an example.

Same thing here many versions later. The very latest Infuse Pro stops playing and goes into what looks like buffering when flash photography appears in the video. Developers please consider what mighyht be choking on all that light.