Video lag - freeze thru the network!!

Hi guys…

I am new here, I have searched the forum for a solution regarding the lagging issue but I could not find anything.

I am viewing my videos through the network (TC T2), everything works just fine with video formats (avi, mkv) when playing a tv show with at least 25 mins length having in mind that the size of the file played is about 175mb to 350mb max… while the lagging thing shows up when playing a movie (mkv) 1280x544, 720p, h2:m45 length and 6.6gb size. Please note that I have tried playing the same movie using nito, media, files, xbmc and boxee but none of these programs solved the problem. Even sometimes the sound runs a head of the actual senses of the movie!!

Any suggestions?

Strang, no one knows about this problem, even if there’s no solution!